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Training Academy

Introduction :

Brand Realty Training Academy ( BRTA ) was founded in the backdrop of an unorganized and unregulated Real Estate market in India mostly characterized by individual and small local players. In most of the developed economies, Real Estate professionals need to obtain relevant real estate education and training before they are given a license to operate in the market. Presently, in India, there is no such regulatory body and no such requirements to be a Real Estate professional.

BRTA was formed to impart Real Estate education and related skills, with updates and courses leading to a deeper knowledge on Real Estate affairs.

The promoters of BRTA have over 20 years of experience in Investment Advisory Services, Retail Chain development, Real Estate investments and developments.

Foundation of BRTA :

BRTA believes that Skills, Knowledge and Ethics shall be the hallmark of a successful Brand Realty Advisor and the professionals in this serious and responsible profession need to be trained in all these key areas.

The aim of the BRTA is to bring glory and recognition to the Brand Realty Advisors by preparing them to act as true and capable Advisors for their clients. Professionals employing better practices and ethics will stand a better chance of increasing their business manifold.

Highlights of BRTA :
  • BRTA is a group company of BRAND REALTY which is a network of Brand Realty Advisors, where from skilled and experienced Real Estate Agents will share their personal experiences and learnings with the students of BRTA.
  • BRTA shall equip its students with the Skills, Knowledge and Ethics needed for a successful Real Estate profession.
  • The courses at BRTA are designed by keeping in mind the problems faced by the Real Estate Agents in the market.
  • BRTA trains its students on the current trends in the market to keep them abreast of other Real Estate Agents in the market.
  • BRTA adopts the practical approach of training its students.

The courses conducted by Brand Realty Training Academy include :
  • Certificate Course in Real Estate
  • Personality Development
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Time Management
  • Real Transaction Deal Process
  • Legal and Commercial Aspects in Real Estate Dealings
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Management
  • Buyer presentations
  • Scripts and dialogue

Brand Realty Training Academy empowers you and provides you the opportunity to grow your skills, and helps you to reach higher goals.

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