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Brand Realty Edge for Realtors

  • Brand Realty is a body of Real Estate Professionals of India.
  • Brand Realty promotes its Realtor Members and their BEST PRICE GENUINE DEALS. *
  • Realtors will get more direct & relevant enquiries by giving their complete profile & Areas of Specialization.
  • Create more reliable image by listing Direct Deals, get direct enquiries and ratings, reviews and comments of your deals.
  • Realtors get their own dashboard to be able to track working on their deals, directly interacting with individuals.
  • Brand Realty shall create opportunities for networking and learning through various Workshops, Training Sessions and Realtor Meets, etc.
  • Brand Realty offers MANDATED / Confirmed Deals to its Platinum Members
  • Deals which are not Confirmed and Direct may be removed at sole discretion of brandrealty.in .

* Best Price Deals are selected and promoted by Brand Realty at its own discretion. Level of promotion may vary based on type of membership.

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