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Real Estate Professionals can join our network as ASSOCIATE PARTNERS For a Rewarding Career

BRAND REALTY is a fast growing network of Real Estate Agents and Advisors. The company is dedicated to building an efficient model for the Real Estate professionals wherein the professionals can focus on their core activity of providing transaction services to the satisfaction of the clients and BRAND REALTY shall provide Marketing, Wanted Leads, Properties Data, Training and other supports to the professionals in its network.

Who can join?

  • Experienced Real Estate Agents/Advisors strong in their local areas/segments and with / without office.
  • Employees of Real Estate consultancy firms specializing in certain areas/ segments.
Individuals will be selected based on their existing and potential Skills, Knowledge and Ethics and people friendly qualities.

Benefits of joining the network of BRAND REALTY :

Quality Wanted Leads : BRAND REALTY generates verified Wanted Leads for all segments through different channels like company Website, Advertising, Internet Listings, Telecalling, Referrals and various other mediums, which are passed on to the network members.

Quality Properties Data : BRAND REALTY builds Properties Data of all segments from different channels like Company Surveyors, Newspapers, Internet Listings, company Website and various other mediums and the same is provided to the network members.

Business from Corporates / Brands : Business Development team of the company is responsible for generating business queries from Corporates / leading brands which in turn are shared with network members of BRAND REALTY.

Time Efficiency : You get to spend most of your time on advising and handling clients while the company is continuously promoting, supporting and assisting you in various ways.

Wider Exposure : BRAND REALTY promotes its members as specialists in their areas and the Members, their requirements and property details are promoted and marketed through various mediums and the company website, etc.

Greater Recognition : Being a part of established network, you get instant recognition as a serious player in your area with more exposure for you / your company. Greater Brand Recall, Greater Earnings, Greater Recognition.

Training and Knowledge Sharing : Group learnings and interaction with more knowledgeable members in the group coupled with regular Training sessions go a long way in enhancing your skills as a Real Estate specialist.

Networking Benefits : You get instant access to other network members in the group increasing your chances of doing more deals across many other segments and areas and in turn you also get more leads for your own segment.

Benefit of Specialization : You get more chances to derive more from the areas you specialize in and the entire company and all its members refer more Wanted Leads and Properties Data for your territory to you.

BRAND REALTY follows a standard selection procedure.
At present only one Associate Partner shall be selected for one each segment/area.

Interested ?

Please Call : Mr. Vipan Lubana +91 - 9871695001 Or Email :: vipan@brandrealty.in

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