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Investor Zone


If someone is looking for low – risk and secured investment which offers good potential in the long run, then property investment would be the right choice. This is a most privileged way for higher returns. Investment in property has helped people in making wealth in short as well as long term.

How to Achieve good Return From Real Estate Investments?

An ideal investment property is one which offers a capital appreciation of minimum 10 percent per annum. So, if you are investing in real estate to fetch good returns, then you need to concentrate on the location of the property. Return on investment in real - estate is directly proportionate to the location of the property. Hence, before purchasing the property, one should very particular about its locality. Few points of consideration at the time of investment in real – estate are as follows:
  • Invest in a growing area
    Always invest in a growing location not in already established areas. For a middle class person with mediocre income, cost of property in established area is very high and mostly out of reach. If you want to purchase property in established area, then you need to compromise it with a small sized property. Secondly, the rise in the value of the property in pre established location is lower in comparison to the growing area. The cause remains in the nature of the real estate market. The prime or established areas reaches their worth over a definite phase of time afterwards it becomes stagnant.

  • Invest in a Commercial Vacant property
    One should invest in Commercial Vacant space with a aim to rent the property and then sell it at a premium, as the property will have return attached to it.

  • Invest in Minimum assured return deals
    Assured return deals have a security attached to it that the investor will get minimum return(i.e about 12% in general) from the property while the property prices will grow with the time and development of the nearby areas.

  • Invest in property which has scope for business & companies
    Always keep your eyes and ears open in the area where large companies or corporate are relocating or already exist. If not, at least they need to have space to expand and its employees' needs residential space. If this happens, the value of real – estate rises in that area for housing of the employees.

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