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Registration :

+ How to register on Brand Realty?
You can register on Brand Realty through a simple registration process. Go to New User link on Homepage and fill a simple form. You can choose your profile type (Resident Individual, Realtor, NRI) and you will be asked to enter your mobile number to receive a four digit auto generated password, which can be used as permanent password for you or you can change it after your first login with the help of change password link.

+ How can I change the Password?
To change your password, follow these simple steps:
  • Click on the drop down link next to your name on home page
  • Click on the change password link.
  • A popup will appear , enter your old & new password.
  • On submit your new password will be live to use.

+ How can I retrieve my current Password?
To retrieve your current password, follow these simple steps:
  • Click on the Forgot Password link given on the top of the homepage.
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Your password will be sent to your mobile

+ Does it cost to register on Brand Realty?

Registration on Brand Realty is absolutely FREE ! Register Now and avail many benefits as listed below

  • Get access to the comprehensive repository of Locality & Project Maps specially designed for Brand Realty registered users.
  • Get access to widely used utilities like Area Calculator, EMI Calculator etc.
  • Get a first glance access to our extensive database of Seller's Listings.
  • Find Brand Realty Associate for your area on a click, with a help of our Find Brand Realty Associate section.
  • Get access to the Knowledge centre , Investor Zone & NRI Zone, which give you real estate related information on the given topics.

+ How to modify my profile?
  • Login to www.brandrealty.in
  • Click on the drop down link next to your name on home page
  • Click on "Manage Profile" section
  • Modify your profile
  • Your new profile will be activated immediately

+ Can I create a new account using the same mobile number and email ID as in my previous account?
No, only unique email ID and mobile number can be used in one account for registering on website. Your primary mobile number will always be username.

+ Can I use same Mobile Number and Email ID after deactivating the old account?
Yes, you can use the same mobile number and Email ID for creating new account on Brand Realty, once your account is deactivated.

+ What is the procedure to deactivate the account?
A written Email from registered Email ID only can be sent on support@brandrealty.in. You can also call on our helpline number 9999901234 from your registered mobile number only. You can also submit feedback on website.

Search :

+ How to search for Deals on Brand Realty?

Brand Realty offer following search options:-

Our search helps you find Sellers quickly on the basis of the type of transaction (Buy/Rent), Type of property, Location (City), Project, and Budget/Deal Size.

If you need to use further filters, you may use Advance Search.

+ How are properties sorted on search result page?
By default the deals are sorted on the basis of Price/unit . Apart from this , the search results can also be sorted on basis of:
  • Date Posted
  • Total price of the property

+ How do I further narrow / refine / filter my search?
Once you have searched a property and your search results are displayed, you find 'Refine Search' at the left. You can customize your search results by changing the criteria like locality, budget, bedroom, possession status, etc. to suit your requirements.

+ Why is "No Deals Found" displayed on search result page?
"No Deals Found" is displayed when there are no deals listed matching your search criteria. In this case, we suggest you to broaden your deal search or Post your requirement. This will ensure you get updates about deals matching your requirements through email and/or SMS.

List Deals :

+ How to List a Deal on Brand Realty?
Please follow below steps to List your deal :
  • Click on List Your Deal link once you login on the website.
  • Please fill in all the details and with specific notes/additional information about your deal, including the answer to the deal rating questions
  • After filling all the details please click on the Submit button.

+ For how long will my listing be visible on Brand Realty?
Your property listing will be valid and visible on Brand Realty for a period of 90 days. Once this time limit is over you can re post the same listing, however it will be treated as a fresh listing.

+ How can I delete my property?
  • Click on My Deals on your dashboard.
  • To delete your deal, click on the Drop deal button below the listing.
  • Enter the reason to Drop your deal and submit, your listing will be deleted.

+ How do I ensure I only post quality listing on Brand Realty to attract maximum response?

You attract maximum responses for your listing by following simple steps:

  • Post Genuine Listings with maximum details, so that users can make use the information to make a decision about your deal more quickly.
  • Don't post Duplicate Listings which may confuse users searching for your deal. Duplicate listings can also create a poor impression amongst users, so always have one listing per property.
  • If you have more than one property to post, then you should create separate listings for each of them.
  • Provide an apt Description about the deal. This can help you highlight the vital information about your deal . Through a good description, even users can decide fairly quickly if the deal is likely to be to their interest.
  • Add Property Images & Video to your listing to make it stand out, and attract interest from users looking to buy or rent it. Images should also be relevant to your property.

+ What are Deal Rating Questions?
With every deal in Brand Realty we have included a set of questions to be answered by the Listing Owner. The deal Rating questions are included with every deal to ensure that we only have confirmed deals on our portal and the users who are searching for a particular deal could have initial level information about the deal beforehand, which will help them to make a decision and listing owner will only receive valid responses.

+ How to edit / add info / modify my listing?
Once a listing is submitted on Brand Realty you can only modify the expected price in your deal else you have to post a fresh listing by deleting the existing one.

Listing Response :

+ How do I receive responses on my listings on Brand Realty?

You can receive responses to your listings in following ways :

E-MAIL - Whenever a person interested in your deal contact you, a email is sent to your email id registered with us with the details of the client.

Your Dashboard - Every response to your listing whether sent to you by email or SMS is also saved in your account. You can access them next to every deal in My Deals section.

SMS : Every response on your deal will be sent you via SMS with client details.

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